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How to make socket for SIM800 or SIM900 for testing

Make socket for SIM800 or SIM900

How to install a socket to test the sim800 module without soldering it on the board?

The need for this socket was felt when a large number of Sim800 and Sim900 modules were available in our company that were demountable from different boxes or left out of QC devices, which itself was a huge amount of money that would have been returned to the production cycle.
It made a return on investment. Which needed to be assembled on other boards, which, if they were in trouble, would have to be demoed again, which would cost a lot of time and effort.

After a lot of research to buy such a socket, I realized that it was not extraterrestrial, or at least in our country, as if we were talking about strange things, it was there that we decided to build such a socket.

The spark of this socket was started from the spring pins!



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