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Raspberry Pi without OS – Part 4

In the last articles, we described installing required software for compiling and ran the first program in the third article. In this part you learn how to install Eclipse compiler as an editor. This editor not only makes coding easy but also makes it interesting. It is still possible to write program in notepad or other simple editors, but readability and speed of writing is important. As the program gets bigger and sophisticate, it is tough to memorize names of… Read More »Raspberry Pi without OS – Part 4

Raspberry Pi without OS-part1

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi is a small computer board specially in the shape (in the size of a credit card).it provide you with variety of solutions in IOT systems and programming fields. you can install many operation systems like windows and Linux but, the company recommends to use Raspbian OS. In a word Raspberry pi is known as the programmer’s Swiss army knife.   What to do with Raspberry Pi? In this article we describe only the topic and do… Read More »Raspberry Pi without OS-part1

Raspberry Pi without OS – Part3

In the second article we introduced CPU structure and the program implementation. In this article we are going to teach you how to install and configure necessary tools for compiling and debugging written codes for Raspberry Pi boards. As we mentioned before, Raspberry Pi hardware in based on ARM processor, for this reason unfortunately we cannot compile codes using X86 compiler such as Visual studio. For more detail about important tools, installation and configuration method follow SISOOG.   Available compiler… Read More »Raspberry Pi without OS – Part3

Raspberry Pi without OS- Part2

In the first part we discussed about available types of Raspberry Pi. In this article we want to talk about program execution and boot principle. We should get familiar with system before writing a code on hardware, follow SISOOG to obtain details of Raspberry Pi. Inside the Core regarding single computer boards and embedded modules, manufactures try to make them simpler and smaller, all features are built into one single chip that contribute to tiny circuit. This trend is same… Read More »Raspberry Pi without OS- Part2